Why Choose Resin Bound Gravel?

Wide Selection Of colours


 We have a wide range of colours with over 25 carefully thought out resin bound colour mixes to choose from.

 Resin bound systems are visually stunning in comparison to the other methods of paving available on the market and can also combine with various other paving materials and edging to transform any surface. 

Permeable & Suds Compliant


 It is porous and high in permeability, allowing for natural water drainage. It is therefore SuDS compliant and does not require any planning permission

Low Maintenance


 Resin bound gravel is an exceedingly low maintenance surface.  Weeds cannot grow up through the resin, meaning there is little to no maintenance. Resin bound surfacing installed with UVR stable resin will not fade or discolour with light from the sun.

 It will look fantastic for years to come. 

Slip Resistant


 Resin bound systems are applied with an additional anti-slip element. Crushed glass is scattered over the surface of the resin bound in order to activate anti-skid properties. 

Weather Resistant


 It won’t soften with any heat, freeze in any adverse weather conditions or fade with UV light from the sun, (when installed with  UVR stable resin.

No Loose Gravel


 The seamless surface of resin bound means it is wheelchair friendly and ideal for DDA schemes. Because the aggregates are permanently adhered to the floor, the stones can’t be scattered or kicked about causing any damage or mess to the surroundings.